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Transporting a car requires a special level of experience to ensure that the trip goes perfectly and the customers are completely satisfied. There are plenty of scams in the auto carrier industry and the purpose of this article is to exemplify how to choose the reliable carriers from the bunch.

How to find the Best Car Carriers Available

  1. Gather a Few Options
    Most car carrier companies have a website where all the specifics of their services and rates can be found. Word-of-mouth references as well as those found on online review boards are some other sources for reliable references. Finally, keep in mind that the rates you will find there are for a standard vehicle. Those cars that have special considerations, larger body kits or special design wheels will require different treatment and also garner a higher price.
  2. The Cheapest is Not the Best
    DO not make the mistake of assuming that the most “economical solution” is going to deliver your car on site in mint condition and with no expensive amendments to the original deal. Low prices are one way of luring in thrifty consumers and delivering less than top quality service. You will find the prices of a reputable Nationwide Auto Transportation company like UShip or FEDEX to be a bit higher but so is the quality of the service.
  3. Do Some Research
    There is a wealth of information online that can lead you toward the more reliable options and keep you safe from those trying to take advantage of your need. If you have found some possible companies go ahead and enter them in the search box and see what the reviews had to say about their service. You can also add complaints next to their search term to see if there have been any negative responses to their service.
  4. Some Special Points to Look For
    Some of the best companies will include important aspects of their service on their main page. You will want to choose a Nationwide Auto Transportation service that offers full insurance for their service. Another option that will provide you plenty of peace of mind will be the auto tracker feature that tells you where your car is in real time. Finally, choose a Nationwide Auto Transportation service that doesn’t require any upfront payments. The ones that collect when the car is delivered can be counted on for superior service.
  5. Inspections
    The most reliable carriers will often have a door-to-door service and pick your car up at the house. Not all do so it will be important to check what the arrangement is with your personal service. Remember to take pictures of every angle of the car and have them properly dated as well. These will allow you to make comparisons after the delivery and ascertain the conditions of your car.

Be sure your car carrier also performs a similar inspection of the car and fills out a “Bill of Landing” which certifies the conditions of the car before and after transport.